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tulabear hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: and yet I feel like I should apologize for that…

Why apologize? Labels suck. People who feel the need to label everyone else really need to sod off.

Agreed.  I don’t know, I just…as a white “CIS straight male”, I acknowledge that I’m in a position of privilege in society, and so I feel like I am thus not entitled to an opinion.  Or at least, I worry that by identifying as a straight male and getting angry at being told “no, you’re a vaginophile, get it right”, that I’m reinforcing bigotry because i’m not showing sensitivity to sexual categorization.

  1. tulabear hat gesagt: Forcing someone to identify by a label generated by someone else is something the LGBT community should be whole-heartedly against. That OP really pissed me off. Why not take it a few steps further and require numbered tattoos on people’s arms…
  2. morgulblade hat gesagt: Admitting you have privilege is great, but it shouldn’t mean that you don’t have a voice. Yeah, you are privileged, but that doesn’t exclude you from the conversation. It just means your POV is limited.
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