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Hi-Res CGI model of USS Reliant by Tobias Richter [video]


Hi-Res CGI model of USS Reliant by Tobias Richter [video]

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10 things our kids will never understand…

limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory

Still do the videotape thing at my job.  It’s a pain in the ass dealing with VCRs.

Fuck… :/ I miss the old days.


man…I still remember my ICQ number. Now my students haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.  

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Hockey Canada has adopted a new inclusive policy that will help prevent discrimination against transgender minor hockey players. 17 year old Jesse Thompson filed a complaint against Hockey Canada over a year ago after having been kicked out of the boys dressing room…

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I hope i dont fuck this up
— me before doing literally anything  (via floptart)

With my first international, professional academic conference coming up this weekend (for which I organized a panel and am delivering my own research for the first time outside my own institution), I’d say this about sums it up.
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Places in Mass Effect 2 - Illium

Illium is a classic garden world, developed to serve as entrepot between the Terminus Systems and the Asari Republics. To abet this trade, the normally stringent customs laws of Council space on product safety, proscribed materials, and sapient trafficking are relaxed. Officially Illium is not an asari world; it is colonized and operated by asari corporate interests. This gives it the same legal latitude enjoyed by the human corporate research enclaves of Noveria.

Illium is one of the youngest asari colonies settled during the 7th Expansion Wave. The first child born on the world is only now reaching her middle-age. The world is hot and massive; ground settlement is only possible at the higher polar latitudes. In more equatorial locations, the population is housed in arcology skyscrapers to escape the heat of the surface.

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Pumpkin French Toast

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